‘Vernaculus’ is a series of drawings that explores the sense of identity, home and place in contemporary rural Ireland: works featuring fragments of self–build houses and gardens are juxtaposed against representations of the wilder land farmed around such homes, highlighting tension between the wild and the cultivated in places where people inhabit deep countryside.
The series consists of monochrome drawings made with soluble pencils which are deliberately distorted and partially washed away by the addition of water and ink. Man-made structures are rendered in a pared-down and stark manner and removed from the context of their immediate surroundings: the everyday and over-looked become exotic. Agricultural detritus, monkey puzzle trees, gateposts topped with concrete ornaments and the profiles and windows of modern houses melt into a field of pigment diluted, carried and deposited by water to create varying concentrations of colour, distortions and tidemarks.

This series was exhibited in the group show 2020 Vision at the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo in 2019.